We’re on a mission to help make people healthier with fresh, natural fruits and vegetables

helmut_andreaDear friend,

Have you noticed that no matter where you are, you are probably within a short distance of where a candy bar or pop is sold. Why is finding a healthy snack so much more challenging?

I’m Helmut Leili, founder of Nature Knows. I see the reality mentioned above as a tragedy – but I also see it as an opportunity for positive change.

Back in 2010, I embraced the vision to help make fresh produce more available by packaging and selling ready-to-eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a formidable career as an Agronomist for some of the leading companies in North America, I have a very good handle on the sourcing and handling of fresh fruits and vegetables. For the last six years I have been focused on developing our unique, environmentally friendly single-serve packaging. The clear window on the front is actually made from corn!

Once I had worked out all the bugs (no pun intended), I needed to find a special someone who not only shared my vision, but also could bring the passion, leadership and expertise to bring it to market. This is when I was introduced to Andrea Watson, who recently joined the company as Customer Ambassador.

Andrea has also had an illustrious career working for major food companies in both Sales and Marketing roles and her personality and experience are just what the company needs to flourish. Andrea can be reached at awatson@natureknows.ca

Together, along with our dedicated team, we are on mission to help make Canadians healthier,one serving at a time. We hope to start a contagious and unstoppable movement and we would love for you to join us!

I wish you the very best that life has to offer!

With sincere gratitude,

Helmut Leili

Contact me today at hleili@natureknows.ca if you would like to learn more!

“Everyday, Canadians have a 70 MILLION consumption shortfall of servings of fruits and vegetables as recommended by Canada’s food guide! This needs to change!” – Helmut Leili, Founder and President


The company name; Nature Knows, begins to tell the story and supports the notion that goodness comes from the earth and that fresh, unprocessed food is what our bodies need and want to maintain optimal health. Nature Knows what is best for us.

nature-knows-logo_r3Currently we offer a variety of Ready-to-Eat Fruits and Vegetables in an array of biodegradable, green bin friendly packaging formats. We can also customize and co-brand the packaging to suit your specific needs. If you can dream it, chances are we can do it!

This is a very exciting journey and I am confident that we will make a positive difference in many peoples lives!” – Andrea Watson, Customer Ambassador